Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lincolnshire Hawfinch

I haven’t been looking forward to the first post that isn’t about Uganda as it seems to finalise things but life goes on and we are back so to some not good but the best Hawfinch pictures Wayne has ever taken! He took them this morning in the Scunthorpe Bird reporting area.

DSCN9121 (2)

DSCN9124 (2)

DSCN9133 (2)

Friday, 18 February 2011

Fabulous Uganda

This last post concentrates on the Country and why you should go - firstly the people have to be the most welcoming you will find anywhere in the world - I would also nominate them as the best looking nation - particularly the children who are a joy - forever smiling and waving.
Secondly has to be the birds - we saw 524 species, admittedly mostly forest birding which is not always easy so a patient nature is handy - key birds seen but not photographed were; Green Breasted Pitta, Nahan’s Francolin, White-spotted Flufftail, Standard Winged Nightjar, Shining-blue Kingfisher, Puvel’s Illadopsis,
Thirdly the mammals with of course Primates being magnificent but the game viewing is not bad either.  I would urge anyone to go to Uganda and support this wonderful country and its’ people.
At the end of this post is a little music video by my favourite Ugandan artist Geoffrey Oryema which is quite apt.

IMG_0363 (2)

IMG_0452 (2)

IMG_0460 (2)

IMG_0462 (2)

P1040144 (2)

IMG_0498 (2)

IMG_0487 (2)
IMG_4444 (2)
and we’ll end as we begun with bananas - bananas are every where and the staple diet of many - I will always think of Uganda whenever I buy bananas and of what a most amazing country it is.  Our thanks go to everyone we met - all the Ugandan Wildlife Authority guides, Herbert Byaruhanga and his company who we would strongly recommend and lastly an enormous thank you to Emmy Gongo our guide and number one birder in all of Uganda!
IMG_0495 (2)

IMG_0496 (2)

IMG_0494 (2)

IMG_0554 (2)

IMG_0312 (2)

IMG_0492 (2)


Ugandan digiscoped video clip roundup

Black Bee-eater Kibale N P
Chimpanzee Kibale, Uganda
Chocolate Backed Kingfisher - The Royal Mile, Uganda

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Bwindi, Buhoma and Ruhija roundup

Our tent at Buhoma Community Camp

The view from our tent where sometimes a family of Gorillas can be seen - of course they had gone over the mountain just before we arrived!


P1030933 (2)
Red-chested Cuckoo

Blue MonkeyDSCN8997-2_thumb



Yellow Eyed Black FlycatcherDSCN8904-2_thumb


Black & White Casqued HornbillDSCN8962-2_thumb


Looking over to Rwanda’s Virungas Volcanoes where you can also Gorilla trek - the following photos all taken by Neil.

Magpie MannakinP1030922-2_thumb

Black Bee-eater with bee!P1030954-2_thumb
My old favourites Black and White Colobus monkeys.P1030977-2_thumb


Variable SunbirdP1040140-2_thumb

Photos which didn’t make it into another post!

So the following were all taken by Neil and sadly were nearly coming to the end of my posts on our trip to Uganda - last posts probably tomorrow.
Striped KingfisherP1030041 (2)
Sacred IbisP1030050 (2)
Grey KestrelP1030071 (2)
BaboonP1030231 (2)
African Paradise FlycatcherP1030282 (2)
Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill - SemlikiP1030406 (2)
Luhders BushShrikeP1030543 (2)
Sunbird - who knows which one!P1030554 (2)
Can’t have enough Black and White ColobusP1030977 (2)
Sharpe’s StarlingP1040073 (2)
Chubb’s CisticolaP1040100 (2)
L’hoest Monkey
P1040112 (2)

and a few more of Wayne’s - Orange WeaverDSCN8431 (2)
Long Crested EagleIMG_4625 (2)
Arrow-marked BabblerIMG_5016 (2)
Lesser Striped SwallowP1030030 (2)
White-throated Bee-eaterIMG_4079 (2)
Vieillot’s Black WeaverIMG_4085 (2)
Black and White ManakinIMG_5004 (2)